Conversion statement

For purchasing on our internet store it's possible to use debit or credit cards, transfer the amount directly from an account, or simply make a payment in cash while receiving what is ordered on the desired location.


If the products or services are ordered by phone, payments can as well be made with debit or credit cards, direct bank account transfer or by cash while receiving the products.


Prices of all the products and services on our internet store are shown in USD, but all transactions will be made in the Serbian local currency (RSD). For generating the informative prices in other currencies such as those shown in USD, the National bank of Serbia's middle exchange rate is used. The amount that will be charged will be shown in RSD after a conversion to that same currency from USD that card associations use, a conversion rate which is uknown both to us and the bank in Serbia at the moment of the transaction. As a result of these conversions, there is a possibility of a slight - small difference between the charged and the original prices shown on our internet store.


Thanks for understanding!